EastEnders’ Jean Slater to be killed off in devastating twist?

She is currently in hiding from her possible cancer diagnosis...

EastEnders fans were gutted last month when one of their most favourite characters, Jean Slater, received some scary health news.

The beloved matriarch, played by Gillian Wright, has had tests for cancer – but is refusing to face up to the possible diagnosis.

Instead, she’s fled Albert Square in an attempt to bury her head in the sand.

Jean Slater
Jean doesn’t want to face up to her health fears (Credit: BBC)

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Jean has been hiding out in her caravan after being overwhelmed with thoughts of her possible illness, and she’s refused to collect the results from the doctor, preferring instead to live in ignorant bliss.

But could her reluctance to face up to things be putting her life at serious risk?

The longer Jean avoids facing up to the facts, the worse her health could become… And now Jean is even considering staying away permanently!

Stacey tries to persuade her mum to seek treatment (Credit: BBC)
Stacey tries to persuade her mum to seek treatment (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers saw Jean’s worried family turn up at the doctors to get her results instead of her, with Kat posing at Jean.

However, when Kat got busted, Martin was able to secretly look at her notes on the computer screen and jot them down…

When Martin showed them to Sonia later, she delivered some shocking news to the family, who now know they have to bring Jean back home as soon as possible.

Jean Slater crying EastEnders
Will Jean be okay? (Credit: BBC)

What has Sonia uncovered? Has Jean got cancer? Is it terminal?

And has Jean risked her life by hiding from the truth?

Next week, the Slaters finally manage to track Jean down to the caravan park… And Stacey will do everything she can to convince her mum to come home and face facts.

But will Jean seek the treatment she needs? Or will her refusal to face the truth cost her her life?

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