EastEnders Jacqueline Jossa reveals Max’s revenge will hit Lauren the worst

It doesn't look like the Brannings will be playing happy families for long

Lauren Branning’s got herself in a bit of a pickle in EastEnders recently.

And it doesn’t look like life is going to get any easier for the young mum as her dad Max continues his revenge plot.

Although she’s spent the last few months trying to better herself and improve her career by going to work for hunky Josh in Canary Wharf, Lauren has no idea that her jealous boyfriend Steven Beale wants her back home playing little wifey to him.

Steven wants Lauren at home with him (Credit: BBC)

So much so, he’s decided the only way to achieve his goal is to get Lauren pregnant without her knowing. Thus, he’s been piercing holes in their condoms and seducing her at every given opportunity.

His crafty (and creepy) plan has worked and she’s now just found out she’s due to have a baby. She’s not happy, and so far hasn’t revealed her news to anyone.

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Getting pregnant wasn’t in Lauren’s plans – it was in Steven’s though (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, viewers know Max is plotting away against anyone who wronged him and sent him to prison for murdering Lucy.

Max has so far meddled with affairs at The Vic, and schemed with Charlie Cotton to destroy brother Jack Branning’s family by having Charlie fight to take Matthew to Ireland with him.

But he seems to have left his daughters Lauren, and Abi, alone. However, that’s all set to change, according to Jacqueline Jossa, who plays Lauren.

Is Lauren in danger from her dad? (Credit: BBC)

“To be honest, I didn’t really know what was going on and I still don’t know what’s going on, but I’m reading these scripts and going ‘Oh my God’ every week,” she told Digital Spy

“I think Lauren was maybe one of the worst ones. She let him sit in a prison cell for a year, knowing it was Bobby.

“So I think if Max was to have targets on a wall, I think my face would probably be on there!”

Max is understandably not happy that Lauren let him go to prison (Credit: BBC)

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Oh dear. It was a particularly undaughterly thing to do, let your dad rot in prison for something you knew he hadn’t done.

So, it’s hardly surprising that Max would find it hard to forgive his daughter. But just how far is he prepared to take his revenge plan?

We recently saw him meet up with his fellow plot orchestrator in prison and it was revealed things are about to speed up.

With news of a big summer storyline coming our way, is Max about to punish Walford – and its residents – in the worst possible way?

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