EastEnders: Grieving Jack set to bed another Mitchell woman?

Widower is desperately in need of some comfort

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Jack Branning’s wife Ronnie Mitchell only died a matter of days ago, but it looks like he could already be moving on – with Honey Mitchell.

Rumours of an affair between Jack and Honey have been circulating since last year, and even in the wake of Ronnie’s tragic death they’re refusing to go away. But would the widower really move on from his dead wife so quickly?

After Ronnie and her sister Roxy drowned in the show’s New Year’s Day episode, Jack retreated into himself, desperate to bury his grief. He lashed out and blamed Roxy for his wife’s death, but until the coroner’s report comes in, no one knows for sure what happened.

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With no one able to get through to him, it was finally Honey he confided in when she offered him comfort.

Arriving with husband Billy, she broke down and tearfully reminded Jack how much Ronnie loved him. Honey made sure Jack knew she was there for him and the kids, but will a shoulder to cry on turn into something more?

It’s not the first time Honey and Jack have seemed closed. Ronnie’s sister Roxy suspected something was going on between them back in December when she saw them being all cosy and sharing secrets in the Minute Mart.

She even told Ronnie the pair were having an affair, but after an angry Ronnie confronted her fiancé it turned out he was just enlisting Honey’s help to plan a surprise for his bride-to-be.

At the time, Jack insisted Roxy was just making trouble and there was nothing to it, but viewers aren’t convinced it’s a storyline that’s going to go away.

One fan, Callie, Tweeted “Odds on jack and honey having an affair on EastEnders.”

While Shevaunne predicted what’s coming next by saying “She’ll be helping with the kids and 1 things leads to another.”

Harri Cole clearly thought the same thing Tweeting, “Now Jack is a single parents will Honey help him cope and they end up having a fling?? Yeah probs”.

But others, like Diana Prince, are not so impressed with the thought Jack might move on to someone else when Ronnie was clearly the love of his life: “no way will @bbceastenders pair jack and honey together. He and Ronnie were happy together!”

Given that sparks have been flying for a while, it seems inevitable Honey and Jack will fall for each other, but with the soap’s habit of surprising viewers, EastEnders just might turn the tables on this one and keep Honey with husband Billy, leaving Jack to focus on his kids. Stranger things have happened!