EastEnders: Is this the end for Dot Cotton?

This could be the ultimate doof doof moment, guys

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Sit down with a strong cuppa for this one – Dot Cotton could be set for a tragic end in an upcoming episode of EastEnders.

EastEnders’ summer trailer showed Dot, played by June Brown, lying unconscious on the floor with a chair toppled over beside her.

Add to the evidence a shot of Sonia Fowler doing her most dramatic facial expression in the back of an ambulance and we have reached some pretty awful conclusions.

June Brown, 90, has previously stated that she wants to hang around in Walford for a while longer with a source telling the Sunday Mirror that she’d been offered a new contract back in March.

On the other hand, June did say that she does want to bow out at some point.

She told The Sun: “I don’t know how long I’ll stay. I don’t think I want to end my life on a soap, but we’ll see.”

Throwing us curve balls in every direction, June! It’s like you’re a soap writer yourself or something.

The storyline comes after an eventful spring for Dot who has seen the return of her grandson Charlie Cotton, back on the square to reclaim his biological son Matthew from his stepfather Jack Branning, who married Charlie’s ex Ronnie before she died. Confused? What do you expect – this is a soap plot.

In a recent episode, Jack was seen brutally attacking Charlie and was annoyed with Dot that she had encouraged him to come back. Add him to the suspect list then, thanks.

Dot’s fall wasn’t the only dramatic twist revealed in the summer trailer as we saw Bex Fowler getting a positive result on a pregnancy test and a broke Denise on the breadline struggling with her need to visit a food bank.

And don’t even get us started on Whitney getting a bit too close to Mick for our liking.

The trailer also showed the return of Yolande Trueman, some very unsettling turns in Lauren Branning’s love life and – Martin Fowler looked particularly chuffed with this one – Robbie Jackson coming back to the square too.

Never mind that cuppa, we’re going to need one of Dot’s largest sweet sherries in the Vic after watching this lot.

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