EastEnders: Is Poor Whitney headed for a breakdown?

Spring trailer teases trouble ahead

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With her traumatic past, no one could blame Whitney for being emotionally vulnerable.

The shattered self-esteem from the historic abuse at Tony’s evil hands can never truly be repaired.

Her scars run deep, and they must have felt like fresh wounds when husband Lee abandoned her.

He blamed his depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, but it’s in her nature to blame herself.

His recent demand for a divorce will have hit hard.

And in coming weeks, EastEnders viewers will see Whitney unravel.

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She is a central figure in the soap’s spring trailer, which sees her attempt to kiss Woody and grow close again to Mick on his return.

It also sees her stare violently rip off her false nails, and then stare longingly at expensive jewellery in a shop window as she talks about being back on the up.

Finally in the clip she is forced to face her dead-eyed expression in the mirror by Shirley.

It seems as though she is desperately searching for some love and reassurance.

She knows her feelings for Mick are wrong – is she trying to transfer those onto Woody?

He appears to reject her, which can only set her sense of self-worth back even further.

As for the jewellery, is she turning to shop-lifting to give her an escape to help her get through the day?

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With both her and Mick vulnerable, perhaps this will take them to a place both of them have been desperately trying to prevent.

One thing’s for sure, it’s clear Whit is going to go down a lot further before life begins to pick up for her again…

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