EastEnders hits back at viewer criticism of continuity error

Their cage has been rattled

After Thursday night’s episode of EastEnders, viewers were quick to accuse the soap’s writers of committing something of a gaffe.

On the day of the General Election, it showed a scene in which Kathy and Jane were talking about who they were planning to support, although neither stated which way they would be choosing to vote.

Jane asked Kathy: “So which way are you going to swing?”

“My way, the same way I voted last time,” Kathy replied awkwardly. “Same for you is it?”

EastEnders got political – and topical

“Yeah,” Jane said.

“And that is?” Kathy asked.

“My way,” Jane stubbornly answered.

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Fans were fast to point out that something Kathy had said didn’t quite ring true.

When she said she was planning on voting for the same way as last time, fans pointed out that the last time there was an election Kathy was believed to be dead, after she had faked her death.

Kathy has always been a keen voter (Credit: BBC)

This – they said – would have meant that she wouldn’t have been registered anywhere to vote and so unable to mark her X.

Twitter was awash with Clever Dicks slamming the soap’s continuity.

“Cringing at that scene about voting – sure Kathy you legally dead for years so you’re still voting for the same party,[sic]” one Tweeter pointed out.

“Kathy was dead in the last election though,” another said.

They were giving nothing away (Credit: BBC)

A third added: “EastEnders, you may wish to think about lines you give out before. Cathy was dead the last time the poll vote was in.”


It must be tough having to read constant criticism of their work – and this time they have bitten back.

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An EastEnders source told OK! Online that Kathy’s comment wasn’t specifically referring to the last general election in 2015.

“She’s voted many times in her life,” they said.

See, that explains it. We knew there would be a simple explanation…