EastEnders: Has Whitney Carter been killed in bus crash?

Mick appeared to hear her mobile under the vehicle...

There was chaos and courage in Walford tonight, as the residents dealt with the aftermath of the crash.

In the previous episode a double-decker bus careered through Albert Square, ploughing through the market and scattering people in its wake.

The vehicle screeched to a halt as it slammed into the bridge.

Panic was matched by bravery as the likes of Max Branning and Mick Carter rallied people into a rescue mission.

Several schoolkids from Albert Square – including Louise Mitchell and Bex Fowler – who were trapped on the upstairs were saved.

In an act of extreme heroism, the assembled crowd then worked together to LIFT the bus and free Martin Fowler who was trapped underneath.

There was a collective sigh of relief as the emergency services arrived – until bat-eared Mick heard a familiar ring tone.

It was seemingly coming from daughter-in-law Whitney’s phone – under the bus.

EastEnders has revealed the names of 10 people who definitely survive until next week – and Whit isn’t one of them.

She was supposed to be away from Walford, shopping for an engagement gift for brother Ryan, so this has come as a big surprise.

We already know that Danny Boy Hatchard, who plays Lee Carter, is leaving the show. Could this all somehow tie in?

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In new spoilers, the soap revealed who will be in next week’s episodes.

Jay Brown, who many thought would be one of the bus crash’s victims, will survive, as by Monday he’s arguing with Ben Mitchell about them moving out together.

In another shot of the boys rowing in the Square, Michelle Fowler walks past, so that’s another name to add to the roll call of survivors.

The other person who everyone was convinced would be a goner was Babe Smith, but no, it seems she lives to fight another day.

Next week, Mick Carter puts her in her place when she accuses Ian of being drunk when he falls asleep at the bar. Sick of her sniping Mick gives her a talking to.

So that’s Mick, Babe and Ian who are all okay, then. And Tina and Sylvie Carter are both alive and kicking too.

Add to that list Sharon and Phil Mitchell, who will be getting a visit from Tony’s wife Antoinette again as Phil gets himself in more bother.

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Of course, not all of these characters were actually in the danger zone in the first place, but would Sharon, Phil, Ben and Jay be going about their business quite so freely if Louise was dead?

Even though she’s on the bus, does that rule her out as well?

This could all be one giant red herring though, and it looks like we’ll just have to keep watching to find out exactly who dies.