EastEnders: Has Linda Carter been having secret affair with Woody ALL THIS TIME?

Viewers think Mick Carter's wife has some explaining to do after dramatic Walford return

Linda Carter made a dramatic return to EastEnders last night but it soon became clear she’s got a HUGE secret that could destroy her marriage to husband Mick for good – and fans reckon they’ve sussed just what she’s hiding.

The Queen Vic landlady’s long awaited reunion with Mick on Friday night wasn’t exactly what you would expect from a couple who’ve been separated for ages.

Instead of looking pleased to see Mick, she acted distant, got uncomfortable when quizzed about her mum’s health, outright lied about her mother having a fall, and then hinted at a bombshell secret.

Linda’s been absent from Walford while caring for her unwell mother, Elaine, who had a stroke. After trying to avoid getting intimate with Mick in bed last night, she checked her phone and claimed Elaine had suffered a fall and she needed to leave.

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But at the very end of the episode, a huge twist revealed Linda’s mum is perfectly fine – and there could be another man on the scene… a very familiar man.

Returning to Elaine, Linda asked: “Where is Woody?”

Elaine replied, “He had to pop out, he won’t be long. Did you tell Mick?”

“No,” said Linda. “I couldn’t.”

It was only a brief exchange but it was more than enough for inquisitive EastEnders fans to reckon they’ve sussed Linda’s secret – she’s been having an affair with Woody Woodward!

Other fans,  however, wondered if the whole Linda and Woody affair is too obvious and perhaps there’s another reason for his name to be mentioned.

Or it could be a combination of both affair and family links?

Of course, if Linda has been having an affair, then that means both she and Mick have been unfaithful, as viewers have been him hooking up with daughter in law Whitney.

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That guilty conscience meant Mick – played by Danny Dyer – was eager to pull out all the stops for Linda’s return, throwing her an extravagant birthday party in the Queen Vic last night.

Unfortunately for him, Linda just didn’t seem that excited or into it and it’s clear things are far from okay between them.

Is that because Linda’s struggling with a guilty conscience as well from romping with Lee Ryan’s character Woody?

Linda’s been absent from screens while actress Kellie Bright was on maternity leave, after giving birth to her second son, Gene, last year.