EastEnders fans spot hilarious blunder in latest episode of the soap

The tube has got everyone talking

EastEnders viewers always have been an eagle-eyed bunch, and the latest episode proves it as they were in hysterics at a tube train blunder.

Stacey, Martin and Michelle Fowler were all seen on a packed underground carriage, and fans noticed one thing in particular – the tube didn’t actually move!

Martin and Stacey got on a packed tube (Credit: BBC)

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Martin and Stacey were on the tube having attended a midwife appointment. Martin was a very brave man in the first few seconds when he asked a guy to give up his seat for his wife.

The man wasn’t hugely impressed until Martin told him Stacey was pregnant and then he stood up, leaving Stace to sit down and open a family size packet of crisps.

A few stops later and Michelle got on, having worked hard in the summer wear department at her new job all day.

Stacey offered her her seat and plonked herself down on Martin’s lap.

Michelle, Martin and Stacey seemed very happy to be on the tube (Credit: BBC)

As the train moved between stations, the trio looked far too happy to be on a busy rush hour train. Laughing and joking – it was obvious they don’t do the daily commute all that often.

But their demeanour on the tube was the last thing viewers were concerned about. They were more worried about the train itself.

The carriage appeared very steady for an underground service. In fact it didn’t seem to move at all, let alone throw the passengers about as it stopped and started.

Viewers thought the whole thing was hilarious, with one even suggesting it might be made of cardboard.

Other fans were equally baffled as to why we’re seeing quite so much of the tube lately.

The Walford East station has always been a bit of a focal point, but the actual train itself doesn’t often feature.

But this is twice in a week, as we saw Whitney Carter heading off underground on Monday.

Whitney was very tearful on her tube journey (Credit: BBC)

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Fans reckon the soap must have invested in a new set and are keen to get their money’s worth!