EastEnders fans slam “worst duff duff ever”

Pasta didn't float anyone's boat

EastEnders viewers were not impressed with the latest episode of the soap, particularly not the ending.

Denise Fox was the central focus of last night’s half hour outing as her money troubles continued.

But when the infamous duff duff moment turned out to be her boiling some pasta, fans didn’t like it one bit.

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As the episode opened with her making a cup of tea with a teabag that had already been used and had dried out, Denise then took viewers’ previous advice and headed to the market to sell her bling.

Unfortunately, the ring she was trying to get rid of was only cubic zirconia and not worth anything and neither were any of the other things she produced. He did offer her a fiver for her ‘D’ necklace, which she declined as it’s “sentimental”.

But with Kim confronting her in the street, things were getting worse and worse for struggling Dee.

She was thrilled when she found £2 under the sofa, but then Dennis Rickman came knocking and asked for her to pay his sponsorship money for a school football shootout. So she ended up handing over the only money she had.

Realising she had no choice but to go back to the market trader and sell him her necklace, Dee took the fiver and went straight to the shop to buy groceries for as little as she could manage.

But Carmel was on the warpath, wanting answers over why Denise had dumped Kush. As Denise tried to get home, Carmel intervened, followed her and an argument ensued.

With Denise getting nasty, Carmel turned too and tore a strip off Dee for giving away her son. At which point, Denise snapped and slapped her.

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As Carmel left, Denise was seen pouring her pasta into a pan – and that was when the duff duffs rang out.

People thought the ending was ridiculous, venting their frustrations with the show on social media.

This isn’t the first time in recent months that the show has come under fire for it’s boring storylines.

An ongoing saga about the bins has left fans desperate for some more drama.

A major bus crash was then screened, but it left fans cold when no one died apart from the unknown bus driver.