EastEnders fans shocked at violent brutality of last night’s episode as Bex was attacked by bullies

At least they were finally found out...

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Poor Bex. She’s been suffering at the hands of the horrible bullies Alexandra and Madison for quite some time now and last week Alexandra waged a new war against Bex for being a bit too “smug”.

But last night’s harrowing scenes of Bex’s bullying ordeal shocked fans with its violent brutality, who responded on Twitter with their sadness for Bex.

Viewers watched as the two bullies pinned Bex against a cupboard and tried to keep her hand still so they could slam the cupboard door on it and potentially break it so that she could never play guitar again.

Bex was being bullied backstage (Credit: BBC)

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While Bex screamed and called for Louise to help, who was on stage with Travis about to perform their kissing scene in the Romeo and Juliet play, Shakil who was the DJ for the show heard Bex’s cries for help through his headphones.

Yep Bex’s microphone was on and the bullies threatened to be exposed. Quick-thinking Shakil turned up the volume from Bex’s microphone so that the whole audience, filled with parents and teachers, could hear what was going on.

Before this had happened Martin had gone to look for Bex, but Sonia was still in the audience and recognised her daughter’s voice screaming for mercy from the bullies. She jumped up and went to search for her, while Louise looked on in anguish at hearing her best friend in trouble.

The bullies wanted to end Bex’s music career by breaking her hand (Credit: BBC)

There’s no doubt it was hard for viewers to watch Bex begging the bullies to stop, while they held her hand in place to shut the door. But we all breathed a sigh of relief when Bex was found (albeit locked in a cupboard), her hand seemingly okay and comforted by her mum Sonia who found her.

But the best bit was when the bullies were revealed and finally caught out, in front of the whole audience. Alexandra started shouting at Louise for taking her place as Juliet, but Louise told her that everyone had heard them bullying Bex because her microphone was on. Hurrah!

Alexandra’s face was a picture, as she went even whiter than she already is, and she knew that her vile ways with her accomplice Madison were finally out for the world to see. There was no talking their way out of this one.

Viewers reacted on Twitter with anger at the bullies but also relief that they are finally done for. One person tweeted: “Clever git Shaq! Swift karma, the bullies finally getting shown up in front of a live audience. Now that’s a payoff.”

Alexandra and Madison were publicly caught out (Credit: BBC)

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More tweets about the episode include: “I will never get tired of the scene where the bullies are exposed in front of everyone,” and: “Oh my word poor Bex i hope those evil horrible nasty disgusting vile bullies get their karma!!!!”

The ending of the episode got even better as Bex refused to let the bullies get the better of her, and after hearing the audience shouting for her to perform, she decided to go on stage and sing which caused a standing ovation. Go Bex!

Let’s hope that we see Alexandra and Madison get what they deserve, and that the teachers at the school finally give them adequate punishment.