EastEnders fans launch campaign to save show favourite from death

Is it the end?

EastEnders fans were left heartbroken last night when it was revealed the Carters’ dog, Lady Di, is at death’s door.

Earlier in the week she’d been crushed by the collapsing roof and rushed to the vets, but it isn’t the accident that’s now threatening her life.

As the episode began the family were waiting on tenterhooks – just like we were – to find out if Lady Di had survived.

Apparently she’d been at the vets for “a couple of days” where they were running tests and the Carters were waiting on the outcome.

An angry Shirley was taking her hurt out on newcomer Woody, as she was bombarded with calls from Mick asking for an update.

Finally the phone rang and it was the vet with good news that Lady Di was okay and they could come in and take her home.

The family all decided to go along to bring her back to Walford, but when they arrived, the vet walked out and said the news wasn’t as good as they thought.

As he took them in to see Lady Di, she lay forlorn looking on the vet’s table.

That’s when the vet broke the news – although Lady Di was fully recovered from the injuries she sustained, she had something far more serious wrong with her. The poor pooch is suffering from pneumonia.

And it turns out, she’s had this for quite some time and the Carters’ pet insurance doesn’t cover the treatment for it.

The news hit the family hard as the vet went on to reveal it would cost between £6000 and £8000 to pay for the course of care she needs.

A devastated Shirley admitted they just don’t have that kind of money – with a roof to fix and a pub already struggling, how on earth are they going to afford to help Lady Di?

Viewers immediately came up with a plan to help: set up a fund raising page!

It’s going to be absolutely heartbreaking if the dog does die and fans already can’t bear to watch.

Expressing how upset they were on Twitter, many were in tears over the outcome of last night’s episode.

And one viewer pointed out the fact that it’s 20 years since Princess Diana, Lady Di’s namesake, also passed away.

Where can we donate to save Lady Di?!