EastEnders fans furious as gay Tina snogs Woody in plot twist

Fans fume at the writers fro re-writing Tina's character

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EastEnders fans were up in arms last night after Tina Carter ended up snogging Woody Woodward – even though she’s a fully signed up lesbian.

In the controversial scene, a heartbroken Tina was opening up about the death of her mother and the fact she was missing Mick.

“I just feel completely only own,” she told the cheeky happy. “Everyone I love leaves me. My mum, mum dad. Sonia. and now Mick, even he’s gone.”

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A super flirty Woody then said” But you’re not you own, I’m here, in I?”

The next thing we know, Woody leans in, takes her face in his hands and then ‘bingo’, the pair end up slurping away in a passionate clinch.

The episode ended as Woody, still caught in the embrace, started to peel his shirt off, suggesting that things may lead to some fun in the bedroom.

While the kiss was a shock twist, it didn’t go down so well with viewers, who clearly forget that it actually does happen in realise that some gay people can actually make out with straight people.

“#eastenders since when did lesbians kiss men? Will Tina become straight now?” on viewer raged.

“So apparently all it takes is for someone to be nice to you one time and you can change sexuality,” another Tweeted.

A right on fan said: “Oh how original have the vulnerable lesbian sleep with a man. So gross.”

Other fans of the show expressed their sadness that the show’s writers had decided to re-write Tina’s character.

“Sick of this show having their LGBT characters sleep with the opposite sex like it’s okay!” said one.

“Ah of course! All it takes to turn a lesbian straight is a cuddle with an ex boy band member,” said a second, while another seethed, “Thanks #Eastenders for reinforcing this fallacy that cis men can get lesbians to sleep with them,” hit out one viewer.

However, another viewer pointed out that in the past, Tina has previously been with a man, recalling: “Don’t forget Tina has a daughter- so it’s not the first time she’s had a man #eastenders”

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So what will happen next? Will Tina and Woody do the deed? Will they regret what’s happened the next morning?  Or will Tina embark on a new lifestyle? Well, we’ll just have to find out in tonight’s episode.

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