EastEnders fans convinced controversial incest story is about to be played out

Is the father of Bernadette's baby VERY close to home?

EastEnders fans often come up with a theory or seven when it comes to Soapland mysteries, and the latest ‘who’s the daddy?’ plot has sparked a flurry of speculation online.

But the biggest – and most shocking – suggestion about the identity of the father of 15-year-old Bernadette Taylor’s baby is that it’s one of her brothers. Crikey, that’s dark, even for EastEnders.

Is Keegan the baby daddy? (Credit: BBC)

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The soap is never afraid to tackle big issues, but incest? Really?

Matriarch Karen Taylor worked out her daughter was pregnant earlier this week when all Bernie wanted to do was eat crisps and complain she felt sick. A test at the doctor confirmed the news, but the teen is yet to reveal who the father is.

Even toast is turning Bernadette’s stomach (Credit: BBC)

In Thursday’s episode, brother’s Keegan and Keanu were squaring up to each other over their sister skipping school again when Karen blurted out Bernadette wasn’t skiving, she’s pregnant.

Bernadette did not look thrilled that the rest of her family knew her secret and true to type, Keegan raged at her saying: “I knew you were stupid but I didn’t know you were that stupid.”

Keanu’s the favourite to be the father (Credit: BBC)

Whereas older, calmer, brother Keanu simply asked if she was going to keep it.

As Keegan stormed out, insisting a “screaming baby” was the last thing the family needed, Keanu reassured Bernie:

“Don’t listen to him, it’s going to be all right, ain’t it mum?” before Karen nodded and sent him on his way to work.

Keanu was kind to Bernadette – too kind? (Credit: BBC)

But the interaction, the way Berny looked at him and the gentle tone Keanu used when he spoke immediately sent fans’ brains working into overtime and they shared their theories that nice-guy Keanu was in fact the baby daddy…

Others weren’t convinced it was Keanu. Some think it’s Keegan, even in spite of his reaction to the news.

While some people even think it could be Berndette’s younger brother, Chatham.

Surely not Chatham? Surely that’s too far? (Credit: BBC)

The lad remained sitting very quietly throughout the exchange and was more worried about whether they’d have to get rid of his dog, Bronson, when the baby arrived.

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Woah – these are some theories, huh? Could any of them really be true?

Next week Bernadette is still refusing to name her baby’s father, so that would suggest it’s someone we already know – or else why keep quiet about it?

No one on the Square is connected to the family yet, though we have heard talk of older sister Chantelle and her no-good fella. Could Bernadette’s sister’s bloke have got her up the duff?

What about the policeman that seems to know the family more than he’d like to let on? He’s obviously an old friend of the clan, has he been getting to know Bernadette a little too well?

Or could someone in Walford have known the Taylors before they arrived, Bernie in particular – and got her pregnant?