EastEnders fans call for Sonia Fowler’s return

Will she ride to her daughter's rescue?

Poor Bex Fowler’s bullying ordeal in EastEnders is set to get even worse now the police are involved.

Her dad, Martin Fowler, said last night that he’d “washed his hands” of her, leaving the troubled teen feeling more alone than ever before.

And fans are wondering one thing in all of this: just where is Bex’s mum, Sonia Fowler?

Last seen in September 2016 when she departed for a new job in Kettering, Sonia popped up on Skype at Christmas, but has otherwise remained largely absent from her daughter’s life.

The exit was to cover actress Natalie Cassidy’s maternity leave after she gave birth to her second daughter, her first child with cameraman fiancé Mark Humphreys, in August last year.

But now viewers are calling for her return to be by her on-screen offspring’s side as Bex faces a police investigation for sharing indecent images of a minor.

Of course, we all know Bex had nothing to do with sending the picture of Shakil Kazemi round the whole school, it was in fact her so-called best mate, Louise Mitchell, who pressed send, egged on by bullies Alexandra and Madison.

When Bex discovered she was being formally interviewed by the police for the crime, she visited Louise and told her she wouldn’t stay quiet about who was really behind the prank any longer.

“I ain’t being prosecuted for something that I never did,” she yelled.

“I’ll step up,” Louise replied, before adding: “I don’t know the actual legal rule, but it weren’t my idea to put that photo up there.”

Pointing out that Alexandra and Madison were behind the prank, sneaky Louise attempted to cover her own back as she continued:

“You can’t prove it Bex, it’s your word against theirs. If you snake on them… they’ve already got beef with you. You want to really think about it because I don’t know what they’d do next.”

Nasty. We feel so sorry for Bex!

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She definitely needs her mum right now, and fans seems to agree.

ECR tweeted: “Where’s Sonia when you need her?!”

And Sean Fergsuon added: “Bex really needs Sonia back on the Square [sic]”.

“Sonia needs to come back soon” agreed Shaky.

Cerys Emily felt Sonia should be “involved in this”.

And N_N said: “Sonia would honestly handle this better”.

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Whilst there’s no official word on when – or if – Sonia will be back, Bex has made it very clear she won’t move to Kettering to live with her mum.

So it looks like she definitely needs Son to return to Walford and save the day – before it’s too late.