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EastEnders fans beg Phil Mitchell to kill son Ben after violent showdown

Not the ideal father and son relationship...

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EastEnders fans were rocked by a huge bombshell last night when Ben Mitchell betrayed his dad Phil in an epic way.

In shocking scenes aired on Tuesday (April 23), a cowardly Ben attacked his dad from behind during dramatic hostage scenes.

Ben Mitchell, you really are a [bleep], aren’t you? (Credit: BBC)
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Smashing Phil’s head with a brick, Ben left his dad unconscious on the ground and bolted.

Boo, hiss, indeed.

Ben’s sinister behaviour was unveiled during explosive scenes in which Phil was desperately trying to save his kidnapped daughter Louise.

eastenders phil midge battle
Phil Vs Midge: Part One (Credit: BBC)

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However, with ulterior motives of his own, Ben proved he didn’t want his own half-sister Louise to be rescued.

On Monday, viewers saw Louise abducted and locked in a shipping container as part of a bitter feud between Phil and his rival Danny Hardcastle.

In a bid to find her before the container was shipped abroad, Phil arrived at the docks with an incredibly red and angry face.

When you look evil in the face… (Credit: BBC)

However, unbeknown to Phil, Ben got the family into deeper doo-doo when he agreed to work with Danny and his gang of thugs on a human trafficking operation.

We also know that Ben didn’t return to Walford to play happy families… In fact, he came to rob his dad of his fortune. Until he discovered he didn’t have one!

While viewers know Ben isn’t model son material, they were still horrified when he bashed his own dad with a brick. 

As is dad lay lifeless on the floor, Ben used his phone to make Danny an offer.

He hissed: “Danny, you leave Louise and my dad out of this, alright? You and me, we can sort this.”

When Phil eventually woke up, Ben blamed Midge for the attack and the pair were able to save Louise.

Later, back at the house, Phil revealed he knew he’d been double-crossed and vowed to “make ’em pay”.

And that’s EXACTLY what fans want.

Ben bashed dad Phil over the head (Credit: BBC)

Ever since coming back to Albert Square, Ben has polarised viewers and now some have even called for him to be killed!

Furious with his betrayal of his own dad, one viewer tweeted: “I so hope Phil drops Ben and his mum Kathy off of a pier when he finds out it’s been him trying to take him down all along!”

Another said: “You [bleeping] liar Ben. He knows you hit him #EastEnders it’s Ben Phil, kill him.”

A third simply said: “Kill Ben, Phil please.”

“Oh chuff off Ben. Hope Phil gives him a good old Mitchell smack down lol #EastEnders,” wrote another.

Whether Phil discovers his son’s betrayal remains to be seen, but he seems to be beginning to put the puzzle pieces together – and it looks like Easties fans are clearly on Phil’s side.

Let the battle commence!

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