EastEnders’ Evil Trev to be brought back from the dead?

Ex-EastEnders star thinks his character's return from the dead would be "funny"

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While most British soaps attempt to be as realistic as possible, sometimes, just sometimes, they take a leaf out of their ridiculous American cousins’ books and throw up a ludicrous plot twist.

You know the kind of thing – like bringing someone back from the dead.

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EastEnders did it twice, when Dirty Den turned up in Albert Square years after he’d been shot dead by a man wielding a bunch of daffodils at the canal and when Kathy Beale rocked up in a taxi in that live episode of EastEnders last year after she’d supposedly died in a car crash in South Africa.

Hollyoaks has also offered up some of its own back-from-the-deads.

Remember when Warren and Claire Devine made a shock return to the village after supposedly been killed?

So it wouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise if we saw another dead character make a shock return to one of our favourite soaps anytime soon.

And one of those could be legendary EastEnders baddie Trevor Morgan.

Or so actor Alex Ferns hopes.

He has cheekily teased that we could be in with a chance of seeing the wicked character he played in EastEnders return from the dead.

In case you didn’t recognise the name or you;re too young to remember, Trevor Morgan was the evil so-and-so who terrorised his poor wife Little Mo in EastEnders for years.

His character was eventually killed in a house blaze back in 2002 when Mo dropped a match she was using to threaten him with.

Now fifteen years on, Alex reckons it would be “funny” for Trev to come back from the dead.

“There have been moments after I’ve left EastEnders when I’ve thought I would rather chew off my own leg than go back and do EastEnders,” he told The Sun’s Bizarre.

“But having said that there is something in me that thinks wouldn’t it be funny if there was a knock at the door and suddenly this guy was there again?”

Well, yes, actually, it’d probably be lot of fun.

Sadly, we think it’s just a silly thought in Alex’s mind which means it will probably never happen.

But even if producers actually did think it might be a good idea, we think Alex, who is currently in Scottish soap River City, may have talked himself out of reprising the role – as he has also slated the series.

“I don’t watch it but I always hear from people that it’s not the same as it used to be,” he naughtily sniped. “I think when Trevor was around, that was when it was in its heyday.

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“You still had Peggy, you still had Wendy Richards and you had the Slaters. I think the character of Trevor was a one off, I tried to play him as complicated as possible because I don’t think things are as simple as we see.”

Oh dear. Oh well, thank goodness he has the cult play Out There on Fried Meat Ridge Rd, which takes place from May 2 until June 3 at the Trafalgar Studios to fall back on.