EastEnders disaster UPDATE: Horror as carnage is revealed?

It's not looking good for some of Walford's finest

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More details are emerging about the big EastEnders disaster as a recently tweeted image shows an aerial view of all the drama.

The shot, posted by Gossip Enders feed, shows what looks like a bus crashing onto the Square with the emergency services in attendance.

While the show aren’t saying anything about the image, with a spokesperson telling the Metro they “will not comment on speculative stories”, they have unveiled the cast list for the episodes.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t give too much away as pretty much everyone is in Monday and Tuesday’s episodes!

So far it looks like Sharon Mitchell, Phil Mitchell, Abi Branning, Dot Branning and Jane Beale are the only cast members who aren’t involved in the first two episodes of disaster week – but that doesn’t mean they won’t crop up later on.

There’s one big clue in the lists that’s got us thinking. Usually the first-billed character is the person who will get the last scene of the episode, that all-important duff duff moment.

Monday night sees Babe Smith crop up first, and Tuesday it’s Jay Brown – is this a hint that they could die?

Or have EastEnders planted a red herring? Will these two be the survivors helping everyone else?

Bosses are keeping tight-lipped over what actually happens in the catastrophe, but we know lives are on the line and it’s set to change life in The Square forever.

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As the residents rally round and pull together to help those in need, the rescue party soon realise things are worse than they first thought. Will we see more deaths this early in the year?

Actress Tilly Keeper, who plays Louise Mitchell, has spoken to Metro about the scenes, revealing:

“There’s high drama – as usual – but REALLY high drama and some fantastic performances. Those episodes are definitely ones to watch; it’s going to be really dramatic and unmissable television. I’m excited to see everyone’s reactions. I can’t say much more than that…”

The day in Walford starts off pretty normally with all our faves heading out to work on the market.

Things get a bit heated when Carmel reveals there are plans to move the market to a new location.

Martin’s fuming at the news and goes on strike for a few hours before rowing with Stacey and then realising no one’s with him in his fight.

Elsewhere on the Square, Billy and Jay are caught up in a traffic jam and end up having a heart to heart about Jay’s love life when the young apprentice opens up about how he’ll never get a girlfriend given his sex offender’s conviction.

But all these problems are set to be forgotten when disaster strikes and mayhem follows.

An EastEnders source told Inside Soap magazine:

“What happens will be completely unexpected, and feels like a real bolt out of the blue.”

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With Ronnie and Roxy barely even cold in their graves, will another Walford favourite be joining them? Who will it be? We have so many questions!

Along with Babe, the only other character confirmed to be leaving the soap at some point is Lee Carter, played by Danny-Boy Hatchard. But is this his exit?

With the show’s latest policy of surprise exits though, it could be anyone, so we’re not writing Lee off just yet.

Who’s going to make it out of next week alive? And who will be living with the after-effects for months to come?

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