EastEnders: Danny-Boy Hatchard responds to rumours Lee KILLS Mick

Surely Lee's not going to murder his own father?

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EastEnders’ Lee Carter to kill his dad, Mick? Actor Danny-Boy Hatchard has spoken out over the possible storyline.

Reports surfaced at the weekend that Lee was going to lash out at his father, murdering him in an altercation outside the Arches before fleeing the Square.

Things have been tense between father and son for a while now as Lee’s mounting debts – and the fact he committed a robbery at his own parents’ pub – is coming between them.

And with Mick increasingly taking Lee’s wife, Whitney’s side when the duo have one of their many bust ups, Lee’s feeling more and more pushed aside by his family when he needs them the most.

The dramatic bus crash last week saw Mick snog his daughter-in-law while she lay recovering in hospital.

Lee doesn’t know at the moment, but Denise saw, and as we know in Walford, things always come out before too long.

If Lee discovers his dad and his wife have been getting close again, he might just flip. His depression is driving him further and further over the edge and, although he was talked down from suicide at Christmas, perhaps this news would push him into doing something stupid.

We know Danny-Boy is set to leave the show sometime this year, but details of his exit are being kept under wraps. So could he really lash out at his father and kill him?

Danny Dyer (Mick) hinted at the weekend that he might not stay with the soap past the end of his contract – so could the exit plan end up being for both father and son? Please no!

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Fortunately, Danny-Boy has responded to the rumours via his Twitter page to rubbish them. Phew!

Posting a picture of the offending Wikipedia page, he wrote:

“Wikipedia makes me laugh. Next it’ll say Piers Morgan is a feminist and Donald Trump is black…”

So that means it’s not true, right? He didn’t exactly say outright, ‘no this isn’t happening’, but it’s as good as. We couldn’t bear Mick to die.

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Danny-Boy went on to pour water all over another claim the site had made:

“And, apparently, I’m off to buy a wife in Thailand…”

The internet says some strange things sometimes!

But we’re very glad neither of these things are happening, we think Lee deserves a far better ending than this.