EastEnders bullying storyline: is Louise their next victim?

Are the tables about to turn?

Annoying as she might be, viewers have been cheering on EastEnders Sonia Fowler as she goes round Walford trying to make things right for bullied Bex.

But as she tackles Louise for her part in the whole thing, will it make Lou herself the next victim?

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Although Louise hasn’t been the ringleader in the vicious torment Bex has been subjected to, she’s stood by and said nothing which is just as bad.

She’s laughed when mean girls Alexandra and Madison told her to, and she’s been horrid to her supposed best mate whenever they’ve pushed her.

We can tell she’s felt guilty about it, but that’s not really enough as it hasn’t stopped her desperation to impress the two bullies.

Now Sonia’s back in town, she’s taking charge and last night saw her lay into Louise at the Easter Fair on the Square, telling her exactly what she thinks of what she’s been doing to her daughter.

Sharon was horrified to hear what her stepdaughter had been up to and told her a few harsh realities of her own.

Tonight saw Sharon insist Louise makes things up to Bex, but she was convinced it was too late to save their friendship and she was better off just staying away from her.

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However, Sonia wasn’t having that, and after another visit to the school, she returned to talk to Louise and Sharon, and Lou finally realised she needed to say sorry.

It’s a big decision for Bex as to whether or not she can forgive her former friend, especially as she’s been through so much the past few weeks.

But if she does find herself back in Bex’s good books, just how will that go down with Alexandra and Madison?

They’re not exactly good friends to anyone and have made it clear they’ll turn on you quick as a flash – has Louise put herself in the firing line?

How would a Mitchell girl cope being bullied? Surely she’d lash out a lot sooner than Bex?

Taking on Phil’s daughter and Ben’s sister isn’t the best idea – could the bullies soon find the tables turned and see what it’s really like to be on the receiving end of things?