EastEnders bullying drama gets worse as fans fear for Bex’s life

It's becoming harder and harder to watch

The EastEnders bullying storyline took another horrifying turn last night and viewers are getting more and more worried about poor Bex Fowler.

After the bullies made her eat cat faeces, Bex tearfully made a call saying she couldn’t cope any more, leaving fans concerned as to what she meant by that.

The torment has been going on for weeks. Mean girls Alexandra and Madison have recruited Bex’s mate, Louise Fowler into their gang, and Bex has been left feeling isolated.

They shared a naked picture of Shakil Kazemi from Bex’s phone and left her to take the blame, and then she was the subject of a revenge video thanks to Shaki’s mate Keegan Baker.

After the girls cornered her in the toilets and wrote ‘dirty’ on her forehead, it didn’t look like it could get any worse for Bex.

There was a shining light – or so she thought – in the form of Preston Cooper. The all-American guy was there for her and they started a relationship, but he was only using her to make her aunt, Michelle Fowler, jealous.

This only served to give the bullies even more ammunition.

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Earlier this week, the girls viciously smashed Bex’s beloved guitar, and as if that wasn’t enough, last night they tricked her into thinking Madison wanted to be her friend.

She told Bex she felt guilty about everything she’d done and wanted to make it up to her. Bex was suspicious, but after she informed the schoolgirl Madison was planning on sitting behind her at the cinema and cutting her hair, Bex believed she was genuine.

But that was a big mistake. They met in the park later and Madison gave Bex some truffles to say sorry. A grateful Bex popped one in her mouth only to realise it tasted absolutely disgusting.

As Alexandra and Louise came out of the bushes filming Bex retching, Alexandra laughed telling her the truffles came from her cat’s litter tray.

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A distraught Bex ran home and sobbed on her bed. It was heartbreaking to hear. Then she picked up her phone and called someone, telling them she needed them as she couldn’t cope any more.

What does that mean? Is she contemplating ending it all?

Viewers certainly seem to think so and expressed how worried they were for Bex on Twitter.

The other school of thought is that Bex was actually calling her mum, Sonia Fowler, who is set to return next week to sort the bullies out.

We hope she can help Bex before it’s too late.