EastEnders Aunt Babe to RETURN and team up with Max Branning

That's a terrifying twosome right there!

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EastEnders were overjoyed as Aunt Babe finally made her dramatic exit from the soap last night.

As Mick chucked her out of the pub in the pouring rain, she cursed her family and told them she’ll be back – and we believe her!

Speaking to the Metro, actress Annette Badland, who has played the much-hated Aunt since 2013, told them she’d love to return to the show.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes!

“The door is open. She is vengeful, she curses them, says she’ll be back and I think she will.”

Her drama-filled departure saw her leave her dementia-sufferer sister Sylvie to die near the canal, before trying to rob the Carters of their much-needed takings.

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Following Mick and the others washing their hands of troublesome Babe, fans took to Twitter to reveal exactly what they thought was coming next.

And speculation is rife that the cruel cook will make good on her promise and return to Walford – to team up with Max Branning.

Viewers know Max is plotting something to take his revenge on the Square after he met a mysterious business associate at the top of the Shard.

He was asked if he was getting cold feet, but Max smoothly said he wasn’t and The Queen Vic was next in his sights.

“Let it burn for all I care,” he told the mystery man.

And is that exactly what he and Babe are going to do? We wouldn’t put anything past either of them!

James Dwyer wrote on Twitter: “Max wants to burn down the pub…Babe curses them and the pub…either they are teaming up or it’s some foretelling…[sic]”

Anita Sillick thought Max will use Babe as a scapegoat: “Aunt Babe will burn The Vic down paid by Max”.

“Hmm Babe to join Max for his Vic plans?” added Alun Roberts.

And Lou said: “If Babe finds out about Max’s plan she’s going to team up with him, I can see it”.

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There’s obviously going to be some tough times ahead for the pub and its residents.

As Mick faces a battle to keep his livelihood and his family together, will Babe and Max destroy everything he’s worked so hard for?