EastEnders accused of ‘going too far’ with latest storyline

Has the father of Bernadette's baby been revealed?

EastEnders fans have lashed out at the show after the father of Bernadette Taylor’s baby was supposedly confirmed in Friday night’s episode.

Bernie discovered she was pregnant earlier this week after mum Karen noticed she only wanted to eat junk food and was complaining of feeling sick.

Bernadette won’t say who got her pregnant (Credit: BBC)

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Bernadette has so far refused to name the father, but in a shock twist it looks like that’s because her baby daddy is her older brother, Keanu.

Although their family history is yet to be made definite, it’s thought they have different dads, but the same mum, Karen. So that would mean this is incest, as well as underage sex.

Karen spent most of last night trying to get Keanu to find out who the father was, insisting he has a close relationship with his sister and could get her to open up. If only she knew how close…

Keanu wasn’t keen on invading his sister’s privacy, telling his mum it didn’t really matter who the dad was.

Bernie obviously has a lot of love for her brother – but is it in the right way? (Credit: BBC)

It’s clear his bond with Bernie is strong, as he playfully nicked chips off her plate and they smiled at each and teased each other.

It soon became obvious that the reason Keanu wasn’t pushing Bernadette into naming the dad is because he already knows.

As Karen listened from behind the door, Keanu asked Bern if she was sure she wanted to keep the baby, and when she said she was, he told her:

Keanu said he’d stand by his sister (Credit: BBC)

“I’ll give you all the money I can, I’ll pay for everything.”

“You’ve not told her anything have you?” Bernadette asked.

“I promised didn’t I? It’s our secret,” he replied.

Karen couldn’t believe her ears, and neither could we (Credit: BBC)

Karen’s face fell in shock as it sounded very much like Keanu was confirming he’s the father of his teenage sister’s baby.

And fans were not impressed with the revelation, heading over to Twitter to express their disgust.

But other viewers have remained slightly calmer and think it’s just that Keanu knows who the father is and he’s keeping it a secret as per his sister’s wishes.

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We wouldn’t put it past EastEnders to throw a red herring in there and fool us. But then again, we also wouldn’t put it past them to run with such a shocking storyline.

Never ones to shy away from the issues, is this the huge storyline departed show boss Sean O’Connor had previously referred to when he said it was something “only EastEnders could do” in an interview with

It sounds a little bit Hollyoaks to us! But it would definitely make for some hard-hitting story telling, that’s for sure.