EastEnded? Danny Dyer “worried he might be axed if he doesn’t behave himself”

Actor's been embroiled in fresh scandal of late

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Since joining EastEnders in 2013, it hasn’t been the smoothest ride for TV hard man Danny Dyer – even by Albert Square standards.

And it seems the star himself realises he may be skating on very thin ice.

According to The Sun, the actor has confided in friends that he’s worried one more drama will result in him being booted out of the Square.

Danny hasn’t got a lot to celebrate at the moment (Credit: FameFlynet)

A source whispered to the tabloid: “He’s told pals he is worried he might be axed if he doesn’t behave himself.”

Danny’s certainly been in the news for his own antics rather than his soap merits of late.

Last week, he found himself at the centre of a media storm as details of an affair with former Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding were revealed.

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According to a report in The Sun on Sunday, the pair enjoyed a six-week affair as they filmed ill-fated comedy Run For Your Wife in 2012, with Sarah believing he was free and single.

A source revealed: “He had told her he was living with his dad in Canning Town and that he was single.

“But eventually his mask slipped. She felt hurt and incredibly betrayed by him. They’ve seen each other a few times since and it’s been very awkward.”

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This ‘reveal’ coincided with rumours that Danny had been kicked out of home by his wife – and partner of 20 years – Joanne Mas after she – allegedly – discovered that her man was still in touch with some ‘wrong un’ friends.

Danny’s in bovver wiv ‘er indoors (Credit: FameFlynet)

However, it looks like there will be no lasting damage to his marriage and the dad-of-three will soon have his feet back under the table at the family home.

A source has told The Mirror: “Jo knows what Danny has got up to in the past, but they work through their issues in their own way, and at the end of the day they are as thick as thieves.

“They will always be together.”

But will BBC bosses be so tolerant? The Football Factory actor was already granted extended leave in February, amid rumours that his drinking had become an issue.

Danny’s worried about his future as Mick Carter, apparently (Credit: BBC)

He flew off to South Africa to ‘sort himself out’.

Is he slipping back into old habits? With contract renewal talks approaching in November, he might have good reason to worry – although has plenty of time to get himself back on the straight and narrow.

And we hope he does – Mick Carter basically IS EastEnders these days.

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