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Eamonn makes a cheeky joke to giggly Ruth on This Morning

Naughty Eamonn

We all know they love a bit of on-air bickering, but Eamonn Holmes risked taking the teasing too far on Tuesday’s This Morning, when he made a comment about his wife Ruth Langsford’s weight!

It started out as a sweet story from the veteran TV presenter about when he first saw his future wife.

ruth langsford eamonn holmes this morning
Eamonn told their love story to the nation (credit: ITV)

In the segment about love stories, he asked Ruth, 58: “I believe in love at first sight, do you?”

“Well…” she hedged, before adding: “I believe in lust at first sight!”

Cheeky Eamonn continued to camera: “See, I don’t drink, and I’m always the taxi for anyone who knows me. And one night I was calling at a friend’s place, and she had another friend staying with her.

ruth langsford eamonn holmes this morning
Eamonn is so lucky she laughed (credit: ITV)

“She sent her friend out and said, ‘Go out and make sure Eamonn Holmes knows where my apartment is.’ So, she sent out this long, leggy blonde…”

He then dangerously added: “Slim… in those days!” Luckily, the long-suffering Ruth burst out laughing at the comment.

And the rest of his anecdote was adorable. Eamonn went on: “There she was, on the street corner, it was Ruth Langsford, and I was just like WOW.”

“Aw,” said Ruth, adding: “And here we still are, 22 years later.”

Instagram @ruthlangsford
There’s a lot of love – and a lot of bickering between these two (credit: Instagram @ruthlangsford)

The pair have been together since 1997 and are parents to son, Jack, 16.

They finally married in 2010 and now live in Surrey with their rescue dog, Maggie.

After working together for 15 years, Eamonn recently confirmed they have “rules” for separating their work and home life.

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on their wedding day (Credit: Instagram)
The pair have been together since 1997 (credit: Ruthlangsford Instagram)

He told OK! magazine: “We do have rules, I say to Ruth, let’s sit down and consult on the interviews we’re doing tomorrow, and Ruth just says no. The rules are the rules, Ruth doesn’t like to rehearse anything.”

She confirmed: “I don’t like taking my work home with me. That’s what I say, if you’re not married and just co-presenters, you go home to different homes.”

eamonn holmes ruth langsford this morning
Ruth shared a video of her hubby getting “pampered” before the show on InstaStories (credit: Ruth Langsford Instagram)

Eamonn continued: “It just means it’s a very real relationship, warts and all. That can be a plus and that can be a minus. I think it gives people a lot of curiosity.”

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It comes just one day after a diet expert confronted Eamonn over his weight.

eamonn holmes good morning britain
Eamonn didn’t seem upset by the weight jibe (credit: ITV)

On Monday’s episode of Good Morning Britain, presenters Kate Garraway and Eamonn Holmes were hosting a segment on whether doctors should tell patients to lose weight – and one of the experts confronted Eamonn about his size.

The two expert guests argued the point back and forth, with weight loss expert Steve insisting we should be warning larger patients.

He said: “If you are too fat, you are on death row.”

eamonn holmes good morning britain
The expert did not mince his words (food pun) (credit: ITV)

Kate then asked him what he would say to Eamonn.

Steve told the 58-year-old TV star: “I would say to Eamonn that he is too fat, and he is a heart attack waiting to happen.”

eamonn holmes good morning britain
The TV presenter said he agreed with Steve (credit: ITV)

The Northern Irish star told him: “You know I agree with you.”

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Let’s all just lay off the weight comments, eh guys? It seems like the safe option all round…

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