Ruth Langsford reveals very unflashy Christmas gift to Eamonn Holmes

Personal not pricey for these two

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Let’s make no bones about it, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes are minted, and lead a life of privilege.

But they never appear to take their blessings for granted, and remain refreshingly down to earth where so many they rub shoulders with are lost up the great backside that is Showbiz.

ruth eamonn Christmas jumpers
The couple in Christmas spirit… or knits, at least! (Credit: ITV)

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So perhaps it should come as no surprise that, when it comes to exchanging Christmas gifts, the one that appears to mean most is something personal and without an extravagant price tag.

Ruth shared a picture of her present to her hubby of eight years… and it’s a portrait of their beloved dog, Maggie, elegantly but not ostentatiously, framed.

They’re both crazy about their pooch, and Ruth regularly share updates about her.

Ruth doesn’t mind sharing Eamonn with Maggie! (Credit: ITV)

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On Christmas Eve, the Loose Women anchor shared a video of her four-legged friend relaxing next to a festive-tuned snow globe in a Christmas Eve box. Awww.

Judging by Eamonn’s Instagram post on Christmas Night, Maggie may have been the spoilt one of the family and received a rather regal looking personalised blanket-throw.

Time for a Christmas doze …… and the dog looks ready for one as well !

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It appears the celebrations are still going strong in the Langsford-Holmes household, going by their Boxing Day brunch.

Eamonn showed off some world-class salmon and scambled eggs on pikelets.

The view just gets better !

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We’d love to be a weekend house guest with these two – just imagine the belly laughs and belly treats!

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