Eamonn Holmes SHOCKS wife Ruth Langsford with cheating admission

He started digging a hole and didn't know when to stop

There are times when live television and Eamonn Holmes combined can spell disaster.

The This Morning presenter has once again left his wife Ruth Langsford looking shocked as his filter between brain and his mouth failed.

With their opening gambit on the ITV daytime show talking about Paul Hollywood staying with Great British Bake Off, you would think that nothing too bad could come of it.

That is until Eamonn decided to speak out about loyalty.

Recent announcements regarding Bake Off saw presenters Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins quit the show, with Mary Berry following suit shortly after due to her “loyalty to the BBC”.

This has led Eamonn to muse about what network he would remain loyal to.

The problem was, Ruth wasn’t at the top of the list!

It seems that he would never ‘cheat’ on his beloved Manchester United and, in actual fact, he went as far to say that he would actually stray from Ruth before he ever did the dirty on Mourinho’s men.

Eamonn said: “I am more likely to stray than change clubs.”


As you can imagine, Ruth was well chuffed with this news!

A surprised Ruth confirmed to the nation what she had just heard with her own ears: “You heard it here first. You’re more likely to cheat on me than change your football club!”

Of course, viewers were quick to pile in on social media…

Looking for a ladder to get himself out of the hole that he had dug himself, Eamonn looked to clarify his thoughts.

He explained: “Whether you are a man or a woman you are less likely to change your football club.”

Ruth replied: “You’re red through and through.”

Not as red as Ruth’s face was going though as she processed what she had just heard.