Eamonn Holmes on GB News

Eamonn Holmes complains over how badly he’s taxed: ‘They make it so difficult’

Eamonn has previously had issues with HMRC

Eamonn Holmes opened up on issues with tax during a discussion on GB News today (February 2).

The 62-year-old presenter appeared on the programme’s breakfast show alongside co-host Isabel Webster.

During a segment with viewer Helen Hampton, the group went on to discuss the rising cost of living.

Eamonn Holmes on GB News
Eamonn Holmes discussed the rising cost of living on GB News (Credit: GB News/YouTube)

Eamonn Holmes on GB News

It comes after national insurance and energy prices are set to rise in the upcoming months.

Speaking about the changes, Helen – a self-employed choir organiser – called for the government to lower taxes.

Eamonn went on to share: “As a self-employed person, I look at the Government and they pretend they want you to be self-employed.

They make it so difficult!

“They don’t want you to be self-employed at all, they make it so difficult to be self-employed.”

Helen responded: “I know you in the television industry have had this whole issue with the IR35.”

The IR35 is a tax legislation that aims to stop individuals from avoiding tax in the contracting workforce.

Eamonn Holmes on GB News
Eamonn and Isabel spoke to a viewer (Credit: GB News/ YouTube)

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The viewer went on: “IR35 is a complete disaster. It makes everything impossible. We have to be able to offer our services and just get paid.

“The tax system for being self-employed is bad enough as it is having to pay it upfront and claw it back.”

She claimed that it is “grossly unfair” for those in the entertainment industry.

What else did Eamonn say?

Meanwhile, Eamonn stated: “If people are wondering what we’re talking about, if you’re a gardener, if you’re a window cleaner, if you’re a taxi driver, if you’re a supply teacher they will come for you on this.

“You will think you’re self-employed and they will make a reason for you not to be self-employed.

“And the reason they go for people like me is they want to make headlines and make examples.

Eamonn Holmes discusses tax on GB News
Eamonn lost his bid in court to fight a tax bill in 2020 (Credit: SplashNews.com)

“They want to make you think, ‘I’ve got no sympathy for him, he’s on the telly and must earn loads of money.'”

In addition, he added: “If only they knew Isabel, if only they knew.”

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The HMRC has targeted presenters in recent years, arguing that they should be taxed as employees rather than as freelancers.

In February 2020, Eamonn lost his bid in court to fight a £250,000 tax bill.

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