Eamonn Holmes and Anthea Turner

Eamonn Holmes feud left Anthea Turner gutted, she says now – why DID they fall out?

One of most infamous fallouts in British TV history

Anthea Turner and Eamonn Holmes were once co-hosts on on GMTV, the ITV pre-cursor to GMB.

However, Anthea and Eamonn, both 61, had an infamous ‘feud’.

Now in a new interview Anthea has admitted she felt “gutted” over their falling out.

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So why did these two ITV stars fall out in the first place?

We take a look below…

Anthea Turner and Eamonn Holmes feud
Anthea Turner has since reunited with Eamonn Holmes on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

What has Anthea Turner said about Eamonn Holmes?

Anthea has revealed her upset over her now infamous falling out with Eamonn.

Speaking to The Sun, she said she feels she was unfairly treated for being “ambitious”.

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The former Blue Peter host explained: “I was always asked if I was ambitious and, if I said yes, I was made out to be a ruthless person who would walk over anybody to get where I wanted.

“You’d never hear anyone say that about Eamonn or Phillip Schofield. No, they’re just doing their job.”

Anthea Turner and Eamonn Holmes feud
Anthea says the experience left her “gutted” (Credit: SplashNews)

She went on to say she was “hurt” and “gutted” by Eamonn’s claims about her at the time.

But now she’s at peace with the debacle, and is happy to still be working.

What did Eamonn say about Anthea?

Anthea quit GMTV in 1996 amid Eamonn making rude claims about her.

He told a newspaper at the time that she was demanding and nicknamed her “Princess Tippy Toes”.

Eamonn even accused her of being vain and obsessed with her image.

Anthea Turner and Eamonn Holmes feud
Eamonn with his wife Ruth Langsford (Credit: SplashNews)

A year later Anthea broke her silence, saying in an interview: “I never was and never wanted to be a rival to Eamonn.

“Maybe he didn’t understand that. He is an excellent journalist and he is well respected for that.”

Are Eamonn and Anthea still enemies?

While Anthea says she was very hurt by Eamonn’s rant against her back in the day – time has healed their rift.

And in 2005 Eamonn apparently reached out to Anthea to apologise.

Anthea has since appeared on This Morning and has been interviewed by both Eamonn and his wife Ruth Langsford.

During Anthea’s 2018 This Morning appearance, Ruth even said she was so happy they were all now on good terms.

As they rounded up their interview, Ruth said: “It’s very nice that you two are friends.” All’s well, that ends well!

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