Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford risk a row live on This Morning

Dangerous territory, guys!

Today’s phone-in on This Morning was all about the little niggles you have about your loved one.

Titled, “I love you but…” the whole point was to invite viewers to call-in about the pet peeves they have when it comes to their partner.

Not really very festive and in the spirit of Christmas, is it?

Today’s phone-in wasn’t very festive! (Credit: ITV)

Naturally, however, it prompted both Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to reveal what annoys them about each other… oh, guys, on live TV? That’s just asking for trouble!

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Eamonn, 58, kicked off the phone-in by joking: “As you can imagine, we’ve been inundated with calls from me but we thought we’d let the public take part too.”

So, basically, you knew where this debate was going to go!

Eamonn was Team Roy (Credit: ITV)

The first caller was Roy, who Eamonn introduced by saying: “This is like talking to a brother from another mother, here. [Your pet peeve is] unnecessary detail.”

Roy’s issue was his wife asking him at six o’clock in the morning what he wants for dinner.

Ruth, 57, thought Roy was a very lucky man, but Eamonn was totally on his side, saying it was too early for anyone to answer that question!

I love you… but… (Credit: ITV)

Eamonn also found something in common with another caller, Scott, who wanted to moan about his wife being scared of everything.

“My wife has irrational fears,” said Eamonn. “She’s frightened of everything – everything except me!”

He also said Ruth’s timekeeping winds him up, saying: “You’re far too precise about time. It’s an illness!”

Agony aunt Deidre was on hand to help the callers (Credit: ITV)

Ruth, meanwhile, got her own back by revealing how Eamonn drives her crazy in the kitchen.

“When you make a sandwich we look like the kitchen has been burgled,” she said, “and everything is left out for two and a half hours even though you say you’ll put it away in a minute! I watch the ham curling!”

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Eamonn replied by saying he likes to make his sandwich, eat it in front of the TV, then he cleans up.

However, Ruth responded: “But everything’s dried up and rancid by then!”

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