Eagle-eyed EastEnders viewers spot big mistake over Abi Branning’s newborn baby

Name tag didn't add up

For weeks, EastEnders fans have been calling for an update on the health of Abi Branning’s newborn baby.

Her love child with the late Steven Beale had to be delivered prematurely after she fell off the Queen Vic roof on Christmas Day and became brain dead as a result of her injuries.

In last night’s episodes, her father Max and sister Lauren were finally seen visiting the tiny tot.

But eagle-eyed viewers spotted something odd about the yet to be named baby as she lay in the incubator.

She was wearing a name tag that didn’t say Branning or Beale but Smith!

Fans who spotted the error took to Twitter to see if anyone else had noticed as they wondered if they were imagining things.

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“Why has Abbie’s baby’s hospital name tag got the name Smith on it? Did anymore else notice this?” one asked.

Another said: “Why did the branning baby have Smith on it’s Id band….Confused me,” while a third said: “Such a shame Mr Continuity didn’t change the actual name tag on baby Branning to make her not a Smith.”

The Brannings visit to see their latest relative came as they were told Abi’s life-support machine must be switched off as soon as possible.

EastEnders confirmed on their Twitter account that the sad scenes where the family finally say goodbye to Abi, played by Lorna Fitzgerald, will be aired this evening.

“The Branning family will never be the same again…” they wrote with a heartbroken emoji.

“Tomorrow’s episode of EastEnders​ comes with a warning: Tissues are necessary. Make sure you’re watching BBC One, Friday at 8pm.”

Can we bear to watch? Definitely, as there’s another question we want answered along with many other EastEnders fans – will Tanya be there?

The character, played by Jo Joyner, made a reappearance in the Christmas special but hasn’t been seen for weeks at her daughter’s bedside.

Viewers have constantly questioned where she is and slated the show for her unrealistic absence.

But Jacqueline Jossa, who plays Lauren Branning, recently revealed to OK! magazine the reason why.

She said: “It was so nice to work with Jo again; it’s a shame she couldn’t have done more episodes but she had other filming commitments.”

However, one of the show’s scriptwriters, who penned Abi’s deathbed scenes, has teased that Jo could soon be back again.

“Unfortunately the actress can’t be in two places at once. That being said, keep watching…” he wrote on Twitter in response to a fan questioning Tanya’s absence.

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So perhaps Tanya will be back this evening to say goodbye.

We’ll be watching tonight to find out, pass the tissues!

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