Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans spot Emmerdale ‘intruders’ in Albert Square!

Were Zak and Lisa on a mini-break to London?

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Sharp-eyed Enders viewers were convinced they spotted Zak and Lisa Dingle from Emmerdale lurking in Albert Square last week.

And they weren’t the only ones. The ITV soap even tweeted at the London-based show to ask for their Dingles back.

The fun started when Kathy Beale decided she was leaving Walford because of James Willmott-Brown’s reappearance.

She can’t stand her rapist being back in her life – and now her son Ben is dating James’s son Luke, it’s all got too close for comfort.

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Ben and his mum had a heart-to-heart and he confessed Willmott-Brown had told him Kathy made the whole thing up.

Shocked, Kathy grabbed her stuff and legged it – with Ben in pursuit.

And that’s when the Dingles showed up.

The Zak and Lisa lookalikes were spotted outside the club (Credit: BBC)

Eagle-eyed fans clocked the soap lookalikes in the background as Kathy stormed off. The Zak clone even wore his trademark flat cap, while his wife’s lookalike shared Lisa’s mop of hair.

Zak’s doppleganger even wore Mr Dingle’s trademark flat cap (Credit: BBC)

“Seen any of our Dingles about?” Emmerdale tweeted at EastEnders.

And the fans loved it.

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“Two of my fave shows interacting I’m in heaven,” said one happy viewer.

But it wasn’t the real Zak and Lisa (played by Steve Halliwell and Jane Cox). It was just a crazy soap coincidence.

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