Eagle-eyed Corrie viewers notice Roy is selling very expensive sandwiches

Blimey! What is it made from?

Coronation Street viewers were outraged after last night’s episode.

Why? Because they’ve been paying such close attention that they have noticed cafe owner Roy Cropper has been charging his customers huge amounts for his sandwiches.

In last night’s episode, viewers noticed that Roy is charging £4.95 for a brie and rocket sandwich.

Yes £4.95!

If you thought you could pick up a cheap sarnie at Roy’s Rolls, think again (Credit: ITV)

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His extortionate prices were noticed by viewers who saw the price written on a board behind David Platt while he was having a chat with his sister Sarah and niece Bethany.

What eagle-eyed viewers, eh?

Astonished by the cost, fans of the show hastily took to Twitter to have a moan about the price as if they’d have to pay it!

Viewers noticed that Brie and Rocket sandwich is £4.95 (Credit: ITV)

One wrote: “£4.95 for a sandwich?! I’d rather go to subway!” while another added: “Does anyone else think that £4.95 for a brie and rocket sandwich in Roy’s Rolls is a bit rich?!?”

A third person said: “£4.95 for a Brie and Rocket sandwich. On a special offer as well. How does Roy get any business with those prices?”

Meanwhile, some took time out of their lives to ponder the reason why the prices were so high.

One reckoned that perhaps Roy was hiding some astonishing cooking skills which would explain why he was charging so much!

“Roy Cropper is taking the [bleep] with his sandwich pricing,” said one Tweeter. “Has he been given a Michelin Star and we missed the presentation?”

David was too distracted trying to help Sarah and Bethany (Credit: ITV)

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Luckily, David didn’t realise what he’d have to fork over to Roy because he was too intent on trying to help out troubled Bethany with this whole Nathan-grooming situation.

However, it looks like the teenager is making an attempt to help herself as Sarah noticed that her daughter has been looking for counselling sessions following her ordeal.