Duncan James rushed to hospital with “terrible nerve pains”

The Blue singer was left almost paralysed back in June

Duncan James had a huge scare when he woke up with what felt like “electric shots” in his leg before going to hospital.

The former Blue singer took to Twitter to share his worries.

“Woke up with terrible nerve pains in my left leg. Feels like electric shots! Currently sat in a bath. Any other suggestions?” he tweet his his followers at 3am.

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A few hours later he posted: “Right that’s me sat in A&E then for a few hours.”

His fans sent Duncan lots of supportive messages.

“Wish I could help… hang in there, ace x”, said one fan.

Then rather amusingly, he said: “Still in A&E in a cubical and listening to all the nurses having a full on convo about @TheXFactor and #honeyG! [sic]”

He seemed like he was in good spirits!

Back in June, Duncan was left struggling to walk after emergency surgery on his back, which saved him from being paralysed.

No wonder why he was scared!

The singer spoke to OK! magazine and revealed the details of his emergency surgery when performing in the show Priscilla.

He said: “I was in Bristol with Priscilla and I woke up one morning and couldn’t walk. I got on the phone to my surgeon in London, got on the train and hobbled into hospital on June 8.

“The next day I had emergency surgery – my disc prolapsed so badly that it fell on my nerve and was suffocating it.

“I’m still completely numb on my left side from my bottom to my foot.

“I have no feeling at all, but if I hadn’t had surgery that day, I would now be paralysed and need a catheter for the rest of my life. I was very lucky.”

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Luckily, he recovered enough and made his debut on Channel 4’s Hollyoads, despite a few complications with surgery.

He revealed: “I was in hospital a week before I started on Hollyoaks having a second emergency operation because they realised they’d cut inside me and I was leaking spinal fluid.

“It’s left me with bad headaches and I get to 5pm and need to lay down. I’m a lot better now, but I’m still not able to move properly or go to the gym. It’s taken a big toll on my body.”

We wish you a speedy recovery Duncan!

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