Hollyoaks’ Duncan James reveals how he was betrayed by his own dad

Estranged father sold out on him

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Former Blue band member and Hollyoaks actor Duncan James has revealed his sadness over never meeting his father.

In an interview with the outrageous Tim Ward on his YouTube comedy show Here She Is, the National Television Award nominee opened up about his life.

Dressed in an elephant onesie and sipping a cocktail Duncan also chatted to Tim about his stage career, his love of topless photos and why he won’t be wearing heels any time soon.

“My mummy raised me, I was an only child,” he said. “My dad b***ered off when I was born and I never met him.”

But he went on to say he made the decision to reach out to his father when he was 25 for fear of his dad selling a story on him before they’d had the chance to meet.

“I always had this moment of thinking I’m going to open a paper one day and see a picture of my father saying ‘my long-lost son’ and I wanted to preempt that.

“So my mum found him and rang him up and said ‘your son wants to meet you’.”

Duncan then explained in a weird twist of fate, the two had actually already met:

“[Mum] told him I was in a really famous band called Blue, he said ‘which one is he, I know Blue, I was there when they got their Brit Award’ That was really bizarre.

“She gave me his number and I was really nervous about it, what do you say to a man you hadn’t met in 25 years?”

After agreeing to meet up for a drink though, it ended in more heartbreak for Duncan when he revealed:

“Two weeks later I got a phone call from my press office saying there’s a man claiming to be your father who’s sold his story the The Mirror on Sunday. So we opened the paper and there’s this double-page spread.

“He basically sold out on me because he was a bit of an alcoholic. And after that I never got to meet him.

“I found out last year he died and I still to this day never got to meet him.”

When asked how that made him feel, he replied:

“That makes me feel quite blue!”

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Duncan, whose character in Hollyoaks, Ryan Knight, has recently been caught out cheating on fiancée Amy Barnes with Mercedes McQueen, was also subjected to part of the interview on the toilet.

He was also quizzed on who he’d like to date, replying:

“I don’t really have a type, just someone who is a nice person, someone who’s going to make me laugh, someone who’s got kind eyes and a nice smile.”

Duncan lost out at Wednesday night’s National Television Awards where he was nominated for Best Newcomer for his Hollyoaks role.

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The full interview with Duncan can be watched here:

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