Duncan Bannatyne, 68, and wife, 36, reveal plans for children in “awkward” interview

The Dragon's Den star's new wife is keen for two more children even though he is almost 70

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TV viewers can be rather mean sometimes, can’t they?

All comfy at home, some seem to derive pleasure from pouring scorn on the stars they are watching on the box.

Weird, right, after all, what exactly have those stars done to deserve such wrath?

Well, gushing newly weds, former Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne and his new wife Nigora Whitehorn, were the latest stars to find themselves on the receiving end of criticism this week when they appeared on This Morning to talk about their lavish wedding day over the weekend.

Duncan Bannatyne and new wife Nigora appeared on This Morning to chat (Credit: ITV)

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Although they were happy to gush about their exciting day and plans for expanding their family, viewers were fast to call the interview “super awkward”.

During the interview that was conducted via a video link up from Portugal, Uzkbekistan-born Nigora explained that she and Duncan – who have been dating since 2011 – were keen to have at least two more children, in spite of the fact that Duncan is 68 and she is just 36.

The cupel revealed they wanted to have two more kids, even though Duncan is 68 (Credit: ITV)

“We’re now going to plan the future family. I’d like to have at least two boys,” Nigora said of their plans, that would take their tally of kids to nine (he already has six children, while she has a daughter from a previous relationship.)

She added of her millionaire husband: “The way he is with my daughter Gabrielle, he’s an amazing step-father and he’ll be an amazing father for my children.”

Nigora and Duncan also bravely hit back at those who had cruelly criticised their relationship over the massive age gap.

With two more kids, that would mean the couple would be ‘parents’ to nine (Credit: ITV)

“We just wish all those people lots of love and happiness in their lives and we think they need it,” Duncan said diplomatically.”

Wife Nigora, on the other hand, was a little more direct.

“We don’t pay attention to any of the comments in newspapers or social medias,” she said

“We look at this and think, ‘their loss’. They can sit back and be jealous.

“I’m really happy with a man I love. Look at him, how can I not be happy?”

Duncan and Nigora married in Portugal over the weekend (Credit: Instagram)

But even though the couple were rightfully defiant, that didn’t stop viewers at home from criticising the couple.

“This interview is super awkward,” one viewer sniped, while another agreed saying, “Could that interview be any more awkward?”

Scot Duncan wore a traditional kilt fro the big day (Credit: Instagram)

Quite why they found the interview so uncomfortable is anyone’s guess, but because the couple were speaking via a video link up, there appeared to be a little bit of a delay, which could have led viewers to think it was indeed awkward.

Though, we suspect, more than likely some viewers just found the whole having-more-kids-at-such-a-late-age conversation a bit icky.

Also, it was noted that when Nigora gushed about her hubby, Duncan, a man’s man, appeared a little uncomfortable by the complements. Bless him!

Gruff Scot Duncan married Nigora in Portugal over the weekend and wore a kilt on the day, while Nogora or a flowing white gown and veil.

Duncan’s daughter Evie was in attendance at the wedding (Credit: Instagram)

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Their wedding day came six years after meeting when Duncan paid a visit to a dentist in Harley Street where she was a receptionist.

“I spotted her while getting some crowns done,” he recalled.  “Just as I was building up the courage to speak to her, the buzzer went for my appointment.

“When I went home I couldn’t stop thinking about her, I felt obsessed! I felt in love with her.”

Whatever the viewers think, we reckon it’s very romantic story and are pleased that two people have found happiness.