‘My drug-addict girlfriend has sex for money while I’m at work’

Carla "cleans the mess up" before having unprotected sex with David

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We all know that Jeremy Kyle’s guests are a special breed of human, but this one is sure to be up there with the most bizarre.

David, 52, appeared on Jez’s show to confront his girlfriend with the aim of ridding her heroin addiction.

JK revealed that 30-year-old Carla’s drug problem has become so bad, that she has been sleeping with men so she can afford it – SEVEN times a week.

Oh, and it gets worse.

She has been sleeping with these men while her boyfriend David’s at work… in his bed.

David said: “We need to sort it out otherwise it’s going to kill you!”

Jezza could not believe her actions and even showed the audience Carla’s ‘rate card’.

He said: “There is a picture of her performing a sex act on a website.

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“We can’t show you as it’s daytime TV and Schofield would fall out of his chair.”

You’ve got that right!

Jeremy was curious as to what ‘clients’ “get for £65” and Carla responded: “Sex and oral.”

Carla also charges £600 for an all-nighter session, as well as having sex with them during the day while David works.

She even has to “clean up the mess” before she can have unprotected sex with David.


David, seeming defeated, said: “That is something I have to live with.”

Carla attempted to defend her actions and told the host: “I never do have unprotected sex… but I do have sex [with other men] in his bed.

“He’d rather do that then have me work on the streets.

“One time I was in hospital on a high dependency ward and all I could think about was heroin.

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“I went to run out with a gas mask one my face, holding an [oxygen] cylinder and the doctors were chasing me.”

One thing Jez and the audience could not get their heads around, was why David was still with Carla.

He said: “I love her.”

Jeremy scolded: “David take this the right way… [Carla] you have a lovely dumb bloke there.”

You can say that again Jezza!

The segment finished with Carla being assigned to a rehab centre, courtesy of ITV.

Jeremy told Carla that she needed to change her life and would be there for at least three months.

He told her: “If I get a call that you’ve let me down, I’m going to go nuts.”

Carla however was more concerned about her pet, saying: “Look after my cat.”

Of course she was.

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