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Dr Hilary Jones warns families might have to spend Christmas apart due to coronavirus

Social distancing measures might continue

Dr Hilary Jones has said families may have to spend Christmas apart due to coronavirus.

The UK is on lockdown and urged to follow social distancing rules as NHS staff fight against the virus on the frontline.

However, Brits may be unable to visit loved ones through the festive period if the pandemic continues.

Dr Hilary Jones
Dr Hilary Jones has said families may have to spend Christmas apart (Credit: ITV)

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What has Dr Hilary said?

Dr Hilary said on talkRADIO that the lockdown will be lifted eventually but distancing from the elderly would be among the last measures to go.

We might have to consider a Christmas that is different to Christmases.

He said: “It’s so difficult to plan ahead.

“This is such a new virus, we are learning about how it behaves within society in every country around the world.

“Every population and every country are seeing different things with this virus.

Dr Hilary Jones
Dr Hilary has been giving coronavirus advice on GMB (Credit: SplashNews.com)

“Here in the UK we will undoubtedly have a lifting of restrictions in lockdown at some point.

“Then we will have to see how things develop from there and how the NHS is coping and how many new cases we are seeing.

“There is the prospect towards the end of the year when Christmas arises of still a necessity to protect the elderly who are most vulnerable.”

He added: “We might have to consider a Christmas that is different to Christmases that we have had before and enjoyed.

“I think we might have to accept that visits will be limited to a small number of people.

“Possibly even remaining in terms of Skype messages, telephone messages, Christmas cards and the internet.”

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Dr Hilary has been giving advice and updates on Good Morning Britain.

Since then, he’s been dubbed the pandemic pin-up by the press.

He recently advised Brits to avoid taking naps during lockdown.

What did he say?

Dr Hilary said on GMB: “It’s important to be able to switch off, to distract yourself – exercise is really important because that helps you to get to sleep and sleep well.

“Napping during the day is a no no. If you nap during the day it will definitely impinge on your quality of sleep in the night.

“If you feel a bit sleepy in the afternoon, usually after lunch, keep yourself busy – maybe do your exercise then.”

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