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Furious Dr Hilary Jones launches epic rant as French GCSE oral tests are axed

Students can now pass the exam without knowing how to speak French

Dr Hilary Jones has blasted the government for scrapping oral French exams.

Under the changes, British students can obtain a GCSE in French without knowing how to speak it.

Dr Hilary Jones GMB
Dr Hilary Jones criticised plans to scrap French language exams in schools (Credit ITV)

Oral languages scrapped in schools

Previously, the oral test made up 25 per cent of a student’s overall grade.

But government ministers want to scrap the speaking test in order to help students who have missed school due to the coronavirus lockdown.

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Speaking on Good Morning Britain today. (July 3), Dr Hilary criticised the move.

“I am appalled,” he said. “I am lucky enough to be able to speak French – and the opportunities it has given me in the past. It opens up your horizons.

“Post Brexit, how are we going to trade with countries if we don’t speak their language?”

Iain Dale GMB
GMB guest Iain Dale agreed with Dr Hilary (Credit: ITV)

Dr Hilary Jones criticises school plans

He added: “We’ll be trading with other countries who are multilingual.

“It gives us an advantage if we speak other languages. It’s hugely arrogant to think that every other country in the world should speak English.

“There we go. That’s my rant over.”

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Regular GMB guest Iain Dale agreed with Dr Hilary.

Dr Hilary Jones GMB
The GMB star was furious (Credit: ITV)

The broadcaster added: “You’re absolutely right and we do rely not he fact that other countries peak English.

“The look on someone’s face when you make and attempt to speak their language, particularly in a business environment, is really appreciated.

“It’s appalling that not enough languages are taught in schools and the wrong languages are taught in schools.”

He added: “It should all be Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish – these are the languages people need to speak in the future.”

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