Do you know quiz master Rylan’s REAL name…? (And hair colour…?)

He has a showbiz alter-ego

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He’s now appeared on some of the most high-profile TV shows in the land – The X Factor, Celebrity Big Brother and This Morning, to name but a few.

And he’s currently making headlines for dividing the nation with quiz show Babushka.

But how much do we all really know about the long-limbed TV lovely? (Unless you’ve studied his autobiography…)

Well, for starters, Rylan isn’t his real name. Outside of his showbiz life, no one calls him that.

They call him… drum roll… Ross – er, for that is his actual name.

Ross Richard Clark, to be exact.

He changed his work name to Rylan as a teenager when he began his modelling career.

Round about the same time he changed his hair colour too – remember he was peroxide blond on The X Factor?

His God-given hue was ginger. Look how cute he was!

Ross is still very much alive and well – away from the cameras.

In a recent interview with Fabulous mag he revealed: “I leave Rylan at my front door and then I’m Ross at home, that’s what [my husband Dan] and my family call me.

“Then the second I walk out of that front door, I’m Rylan because everyone can see it.

“That’s the way I deal with it. It’s not a character or persona, it’s the same person, but Rylan gets away with a lot more.”

And despite his exuberance on TV, Rylan/Ross claims he’s just like the rest of us otherwise.

“Anyone who knows me will say I’m the most normal bloke you’ll ever meet. I hate the showbiz scene,” the 28-year-old continued.

“I rarely do interviews, I didn’t sell my wedding photos [Rylan married Dan Neal in November 2015] as I want to keep my life private, and I hate any type of ‘launch’ – I get invited to everything and never go.

“Because it’s not real.

“Nothing’s real.” Especially Ry-Ry’s name!

The perky Essex chap also revealed: “I’m a bit of a weirdo. I just want to do my job and go home.

“And that surprises me sometimes because before all of this happened to me, I thought I would be the one who loved all of that. I’m not.”

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