DJ Jamie Theakston looks like a different person after shedding HALF his body fat

The 45-year-old is in the best shape he's ever been!

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Radio DJ Jamie Theakston has completely changed his look after HALVING his body fat.

The 45-year-old put his blood, sweat and tears into a gruelling six month fitness plan and oh boy, it has most certainly worked.

The former Live and Kicking presenter was challenged by Men’s Fitness magazine and definitely showed them.

Wow! What a transformation…

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Jamie has said that he’s in the best shape he’s ever been.

The newly toned hottie said: “I didn’t know the difference between protein and carbohydrate and had never taken much notice.

Jamie with wife Sophie Theakston at Chiltern Firehouse in London

“I’d be in the studio at 5am, then I’d have a breakfast at 6.30am and maybe another one at 8.30am, and it was sausage and bacon sandwiches, tonnes of coffee. Looking back it’s kind of shocking.”

The early morning presenter said he had always been active when he was younger, and even liked to fence but let it slide as he got older.

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Jamie added: “You can see it in the little things, like running upstairs: a year ago, I was carrying an extra three stone.

“I feel brighter, my complexion’s better, all of those things.”

To get rid of the stubborn fat and chubby 38 inch waist, Jamie has been lifting weights and a hefty amount of pull-ups.

Cricket is also one of his favourite sports

His personal trainer got him down to the gym for an hour, three times a week. Plus, his diet has also completely changed.

He has said ‘see ya’ to the bacon butties and switched them for chicken, steak, or salmon which means he stays fuller for longer.

Go Jamie!

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