Divorce drama: Amir Khan’s wife goes to battle with HIS family

His sister-in-law's are accused of "bullying" and "abusing" her

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Amir Khan’s wife has unleashed the inner beast inside of her and gone on a HUGE rant.

In a series of messages, Faryal Makhdoom appeared to accuse the boxer’s family of “bullying” her.

She even said they were “abusive” and trying to destroy their marriage.

What’s really horrific is that the 25-year-old model also claims that her “evil, hating sister-in-law” Mariyah “came to hit” her while her husband was out of the house.

The couple got married in 2013 and had their daughter in 2014.

She adds that the family’s treatment of her husband was “disgusting”.

“Don’t get your sons married if you’re going to abuse and bully the wife.

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“I’ve always been so quiet but seriously this message is for everyone! When you bring someone’s daughter – treat her as your own. Your son will be much happier & so will you. :)”

Using the Snapchat name Faryalxmakhdoom, she continued: “When you force your son to divorce his wife, when she’s nine months pregnant!!!

“And your son doesn’t … and he sticks besides his wife. He’s called a p***y?

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“Ok, I’m guessing Islam teaches us to get married and divorce our wives and treat them bad???”


It looks like a war will start…

Amir’s sister uploaded a snap saying: “I don’t have to justify myself on social media, Allah is watching.”

Then she uploaded a photo of herself saying: “Do I look like I can beat someone up?”

We don’t think that is going to go down to well…

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