Disgraced TV star Tila Tequila makes bizarre claim about her vagina

Does she say these things to get a reaction?!

Is this girl for real?

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant and all-round loud-mouth was suspended from Twitter last month after tweeting a series of vile, racist and homophobic Tweets.

She has recently returned to social media and wasted no time at all in riling everybody up again.

She kicked off by telling her followers: “I love Hitler so much!” and then Re-Tweeted a horrible meme that read: “F*** the Muslims, f*** the blacks, f*** the Jews.”

Of course, she wasn’t happy with just that, she pushed it further.

Tila went on to shoot aim at the LGBT community and continued: “I will always remember this election as the year I met the most f****ts and degenerates ever.”


The 35-year-old recently joined the Alt Right movement that defines itself as “a segment of right wing ideologies that reject mainstream conservatism in the United States.”

So they pretty much make Donald Trump look like an angel sent from heaven.

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THEN she decided to make some very extreme claims about the universe. As you do….

She wrote: “All of you are located in my vagina and you don’t even realize it! it’s where the void is located.”

After, she hit out at Hillary Clinton, and the fact there were only two “real humans” in the entire world.

Wow, this girl makes so much sense.

And to think, she’s a MOTHER….