You dirty bird! Emmerdale psycho Emma holds James hostage in terrifying Misery plot

Nurse is convinced her man wants to be with Moira

Emma Barton has always trodden a fine line between acceptable and unhinged behaviour in Emmerdale.

Jealousy is often the trigger and she has shown before that she won’t stop at no lengths to get payback.

Usually, there is a paranoia that leads her to jump to the wrong conclusion, but when she hears a confession with her own ears, there can be no room for confusion to sneak in.

It is not going to be a great week for James Barton, that is for certain.

First he has an argument with his son Ross, which leads to him being pushed down the stairs and breaking a leg.

Of course, Emma is full of worry and sympathy at this point as she helps her man to hospital.

This sympathy soon disappears when she overhears Ross tackling James about his love for Moira Dingle.

Fuming is the word and Emma’s wicked mind starts plotting straight away. This isn’t helped when she returns to find Moira talking to James. It is time for Emma to take matters into her own hands.

Looking to force matters with James about their relationship, Emma looks to push forward with plans for them to marry.

When James is less enthusiastic about this idea, it confirms in Emma’s mind that he wants to be with Moira and this needs to be stopped, at any cost.

Once James is home and lying in bed, with his leg in plaster, Emma decides to nurse him back to fitness.

This is where echoes of Stephen King’s Misery start to fill the air.

Emma goes into a kindness overdrive, being the attentive partner that wants to make sure her man gets well soon.

In the meantime, she starts refusing visitors to the house and raises suspicions with their son Pete, who she turns away and even blocks him from getting his mobile.

James overhears the kerfuffle and begins to realise that he is being kept prisoner in his own house.

His worry is heightened when he makes a shocking discovery after a cat eats some of his food.

What was Emma up to? James confronts her and soon realises that this situation isn’t going to have a happy ending.

Trying to escape, he slips again and hurts his already broken leg. Emma looks to call an ambulance but in reality, she smashes James’ phone and then locks all the doors.

It has become a hostage situation and Emma is getting progressively more crazed.

Will James come out of this alive or will Emma make a fatal decision?