Did YOU recognise Shirley’s cellmate in EastEnders?

She's a familiar face in popular serial drama

There used to be a gentle joke that all former soap stars would end up in The Bill at some point in their career.

Since the popular ITV serial drama retired to the small screen in the sky (not to be confused with Sky), things have flipped.

Former stars of the police show are now showing up in soaps.

Did you spot the alumnus in EastEnders this week? Shirley’s cell mate was introduced – and is played by a very familiar face.

Perhaps you placed her straight away; more than likely you’re still scratching your heads with vague recognition, though.

Let’s put you out of your misery… okay, mild distraction.

It’s Beth Cordingly! Y’know, the actress who played gobby PC Kerry Young, before being killed off in 2004. (RIP.)

It doesn’t look like Shirl’s in for an easy ride with her roomie, who aggressively pressed her about why she is in the slammer.

We reckon Beth shares more than a passing resemblance to Shirl’s daughter-in-law Linda, who also made a return to the Square this week to try and sort husband Mick out.

She was shocked to discover that Lee had gone – after robbing the family and leaving them without a pot to do the proverbial in.

Torn between sticking around to look after Mick and returning to look after her ailing mum, she decided to leave again.

Could Mick soon follow her? There is, after all, her mum’s pub to run – and rumours abound he’s set to lose The Vic…