Did YOU recognise Nathan’s dodgy mate Mike in Corrie last night?

The actor had been in the soap before

During last night’s episode of Coronation Street some fans noticed something pretty familiar with Nathan Curtis’ dodgy pal Mike, played by Dave Galbraith.

It seems this wasn’t Mike’s first time on the ITV soap.

The actor appeared on the cobbles three years ago, starring alongside Michelle Keegan, who played Tina McIntyre, as a cheeky beer delivery man.

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The dodgy man was let into Nathan’s apartment by Bethany Platt to grab some equipment.

But it was all set up by evil Nathan as part of his grooming plan.

One viewer though was far more interested in Mike’s familiar face as they pointed out he had appeared in Peter Kay’s Car Share the night before.

They wrote on Twitter: “Thought ‘Mike’ looked familiar, he was in #carshare last night too #corrie.”

Chris Harper, who plays the child groomer, revealed that the storyline is about to get much darker and viewers have only seen the tip of the whole story.

Nathan is currently grooming the school girl into believing he loves her but instead his end goal is to get Bethany to sleep with his friends.

The actor spoke on This Morning to reveal how the harrowing storyline will take a turn for the worse.

He said: “She’s going to be entering a very dark place, and Nathan introducing his friend Neil is really just the beginning.”

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Explaining how Nathan manipulates Bethany, Chris said: “He teases her saying ‘this is what grown ups do, you wouldn’t understand, you’ll get it when you’re older’.

“He’s constantly playing on a weakness that she has because she knows she’s so much younger than him.

“She sacrifices herself because she’s so scared of losing him. That’s really what a manipulator does.”

This week we will see Bethany being forced to sleep with vile Neil while Nathan watches on and does nothing to stop the terrifying ordeal.

And as Bethany becomes even more trapped in Nathan’s evil world next week viewers will see him propose to the school girl.

Will she ever be able to get out of Nathan’s trap?