EastEnders SPOILER: Did Stuart Highway rape Tina Carter?

Tina blames Stuart for an horrific event in her past...

Stuart Highway is public enemy number one in Walford at the moment.

Fans have declared him one of the soap’s most evil villains – and he’s only been around a few months!

But it appears they have good reason to hate him.

Evil or just misunderstood? (Credit: BBC)

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In scenes to air next week, Tina Carter has a flashback to a traumatic event in her past involving Mick’s best mate Stuart.

She’s left shaken when terrifying memories start coming back to her…

When she turns to Sonia for support, her ex tells her she needs to go to the police. But Tina’s memories of what happened are still sketchy, so she decides to confront Stuart instead.

Viewers have already seen a mean side to Stuart when he threatened Linda (Credit: BBC)

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Errrr, big mistake Tina!

When she mentions it to him, he twists it around and manipulates her into thinking she’s mistaken.

Which is pretty standard for self-appointed paedophile hunter Stuart.

As the truth threatens to be exposed, it’s clear that Tina is in danger from Stuart who is proving to be extremely unhinged.

Mick has no idea how evil his best friend is (Credit: BBC)

And fans have a disturbing theory about Stuart’s disgusting crime, believing he raped Mick’s auntie Tina.

Some even believe he is the father of Linda’s daughter Zsa Zsa.

One fan said: “Stuart going to be Zsa Zsa’s dad isn’t he?”

Another predicted: “I think that Stuart is Zsa Zsa’s father. In the trailer for EastEnders this summer, Tina refers to Stuart as evil. This makes me think that Stuart raped Tina which caused her to become pregnant in the first place.”

A third agreed, typing: “OMG Ricky Champ is just bleeding nailing it as Halfways psycho brother Stuart. How he switches from vulerable to pure menacing is just brilliant to watch.

“I am wondering now if Stuart is ZsaZsa’ dad. Mick is gonna have to give him a good slap.”

One fan is enjoying the drama, tweeting: “I can safely say that Stuart has joined Aidan Maguire, Vincent Hubbard , Johnny Allen and Lucas Johnson as my favourite EastEnders villains.”

Praise indeed!

However, another blasted: “Stuart is the worst character in 33yrs of EastEnders; a fact.”

Well, he’s certainly got fans talking.

But what DID he do to Tina? And, perhaps more importantly, what will Mick do when he finds out?

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