Did Perrie Edwards change lyrics of Little Mix song to mock Zayn Malik’s girlfriend?

A swipe - or a mistake?

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We think we have fallen in love with Perrie Edwards even more, if reports are true.

The stunning Geordie Little Mixer has apparently taken a swipe at her love rival Gigi Hadid, in what is one of the funniest celebrity stage ‘scraps’.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking – STILL?????

Perrie Edwards apparently poked fun at her ex’s current squeeze during a show (Credit: FameFlynet)

After all, not only has it been a couple of years since Zayn Malik reportedly dumped the Little Mix star via text, Perrie is also currently happily in love with gorgeous footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

But fans are convinced that during a live performance of Shout To My Ex (which was about Zayn anyway) she changed the words and poked fun at the glamorous model.

Instead of singing the lyrics, “hope she ain’t faking it like I did” the New Zealand crowd heard her sing “hope she ain’t faking it like Hadid” instead!

Apparently Perrie swapped the words “i did” for “Hadid” (credit: YouTube)

And if you thought that it was just her pronunciation of “I did” that sounded like “Hadid” her giggle and the hilarious reaction from her band mate Jade Thirwall, would suggest that she was up to mischief.

Zayn fans were quick to say to scold Perrie for her wickedness and suggested that she “wasn’t over Zayn”.

 In the clip, fans can see Jade giggling wickedly at the apparent dig and Perrie saying to her “Jade, stop!”

“Clearly ain’t over your ex: hope she ain’t fakin’ it like Hadid’,” one fan wrote.

“When you’re not relevant and u know u can only get fame from one person whos now ur ex,’ another Zayn worshipper sniped. [sic]

A third viewer raged: “If she is grown up she wouldn’t do these pathetic things lmao.”

Gigi and Zayn are currently dating (Credit: Instagram)

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But as you’d expect lots of Little Mix fans jumped to Perrie’s support and suggested that she may have been misheard.

Some suggested it was her accent, while others said her voice cracked during the song and the words “I did” were misheard as “Hadid”.

Whatever the truth, it’s pretty funny to us.

Well done, Perrie! No harm done.

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