Did Jamie O’Hara have a secret girlfriend while in CBB?!

The former CBB star has spoken out revealing ALL

Jamie O’Hara has taken his ‘secret girlfriend’ on holiday to Dubai, just DAYS after pieing off poor Bianca Gascoigne.

Elizabeth-Jayne Tierney, a stunning model, went on a romantic mini-break with the Celebrity Big Brother star.

Jamie had a fling with Bianca inside the CBB house, but then broke up with the 30-year-old four days after leaving the show to only then return to the gorgeous Elizabeth.

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Danielle Lloyd’s ex was keen to keep their romance under wraps, it seems!

Elizabeth hasn’t appeared in any of Jamie’s videos of pics from their holiday, but a photo of them was found on a friend’s Instagram account.

We wonder how Bianca is feeling right now…

Slamming reports that their relationship was fake to get votes, she told new! Magazine: “All I can say is I am really diappointed.

“It wasn’t a showmance for me – I don’t even feel comfortable talking about it.”

BUT, Jamie has tweeted his side of the story.

He posted a note on Twitter on Wednesday night saying: “I reached out to her (Elizabeth) because I realised she’s an incredibly person and having time apart made me realise what an amazing women she is and I was lucky to have her in my life, will she be with me again?

“I don’t know, but as a man all I can do is try. [sic] ”

He also explained why she chose to break up with Bianca, and said: “I didn’t know the full extent of the situation until I got out and saw everything, as a man I didn’t think it was the right thing to do, I didn’t do anything wrong I didn’t make any gain out of it…”

He also tweeted : “I was single when I went into big brother and I was single when I left, #isthisreallynews”