Desperate CBB producers offer £1million to reality star

They think she'll pull in big viewing figures

There’s just a couple of months now to go before the next series of Celebrity Big Brother excites our summer.

And as we all know star names have been bandied about for a while now.

Some have been genuine, while others have no doubt been filtered out to the press by agents desperate to get their charges on the show.

But the latest rumoured housemate sounds very exciting indeed and we hope it isn’t just a typical Daily Star-type rumour.

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According to reports, Caitlyn Jenner has been in talks with producers about starring in the next series.

She supposedly met with the show’s bosses last week when she was in the UK to pick up a gong at the LGBT awards in London.

Of course, Caitlyn doesn’t need a show like Big Brother to boost her profile so desperate producers, keen for headline-grabbing stars, have apparently pulled out all the stops and offered her a whopping £1million to appear!

“The bookers are really keen to have Caitlyn in the house,” a show insider has said.

“They know she’d be TV gold so they’re prepared to break the bank for her.

“The world has been fascinated by Caitlyn’s story and getting her would push ratings through the roof.”

Although Caitlyn doesn’t need the exposure, she has said recently that she is keen to help raise awareness of trans issues – and what better way is there to do that than to be on the most talked about reality show on TV.

And she might be right about awareness building, as last Friday, when she left the LGBT awards, Caitlyn fell victim to transphobic abuse.

As she left the Awards venue, yobs in the street started yelling obscenities, leaving the 67-year-old shaken.

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“Someone shouted to her, ‘Oi, Bruce, get your d**k’ out. Then someone else threw something at her. It was horrible,” an eyewitness has revealed.

“Caitlyn kept her cool though and walked to her limo with her head down and security bundled her into the car but she looked terrified.”

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